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To be properly reimbursed, accurate descriptions of the service being provided are needed. Billing codes, including CPT, are used to describe the procedure or treatment being provided, in order to be adequately reimbursed for practice expenses and physician effort. Addiction Medicine is a specialty we do well and as more Addiction Medicine specialists are needed, there are more billing specialists that are needed as well. Billing for this specialty requires knowledge of Behavioral Health, Family Medicine, Counseling and other specialties to be of service to our clients.

Nexsys has routinely helped our clients increase their practice revenue by as much as 10%-20% through more accurate coding and billing and rigorous payment collection.

Contact Nexsys Billing & Practice Management today at (800) 529-3962 ext. 203 to learn more about how we can increase your revenue and lower administrative and practice costs for your Addiction Medicine practice, or contact us online.