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We are humbled by what our clients say about us, but not so humbled we don’t want to share it with you. We work hard to earn their trust and respect. We work hard to lessen their daily burdens so they can focus on patients.

Nexsys has been an absolute game changer for our treatment center. Jeff and his billing team have been an indispensable resource for our company’s success, with a particular shout out to their UR team, who are bona fide rock stars with regards to expertise and coding prowess. To say we recommend them for billing and insurance management needs would be an understatement. Taking into account our previous experiences with other billing companies, Nexsys has single-handedly restored our faith in the institution of third party billers.

Sophie P, Director of Operations
We have worked with several different billing services over the past 25 years as well as having done our billing in house. Nexsys has been superior to all of our previous experiences. They always get the work done in timely fashion and they do excellent follow up. They have routinely gone above and beyond what we have asked of them and they have been a pleasure to work with.
R. W., M.D., MS FACS, Otolaryngology
Nexsys has improved my bottom line dramatically over my previous billing company; they make sure we give them the information needed to bill each visit to the fullest extent possible and appropriate. They keep us on our toes with messages in the EHR system so it is very convenient to communicate with them and they resolve any issues. I recommend Nexsys without reservation.
S. H., M.D., Family Practice
Good job on billing for us. Thank you and keep up the good job! We appreciate the extra mile you put in for us to get reimbursed.
R. T., M.D., Neurology
I love the solid answers and ultrafast response. They immediately felt like part of my team and were welcomed by my staff. IT, billing, payables, project lead and CEO all have been great. Nexsys has been everything they said they would be.
R. M., M.D., Functional Medicine
Partnering with Nexsys these past several years has been one of great financial success for my practice. They bring to the table their excellent billing and collection knowledge, they provide practice management consultation, Billing software training, HIPAA compliance and the best technical support.
I would recommend outsourcing your billing and Practice Management to Nexsys, no matter your specialty. Nexsys upholds their core values when dealing with physicians, patients, insurance companies and each other. I know you will be very happy.
I’ve been very pleased by Nexsys’ quality of service, always exceeding our expectations
B. F., M.D., Pediatrics
Very happy with your service, best we have had in years, thank you
G. M., M.D. , Otolaryngology
Nexsys has an amazing team with a great sense of partnership. As an anesthesiologist, and pain management specialist, with over 20 years of experience, I have seen some of the best, and some of the worst billing companies that are out there. I can attest that Jeff Robertson, and his outstanding company, Nexsys, has been instrumental in increasing my revenues, decreasing my costs, and overall returning my Practice to a more favorable bottom line. I can recommend them with enthusiasm, and without reservation, as a top-notch medical billing company, with outstanding personnel of the highest integrity. They have consistently shown me that good business is founded in great relationships.
S.B., M.D., Pain Management
“Nexsys provides astoundingly good customer service. They perform proactive maintenance on the computers and avoid most issues but when an issue happens, they have a very quick response time to resolve it. Also, because of their knowledge in EMR they easily distinguish if it is an issue related to the software or a network issue. This makes a big difference because it really helps in faster resolution of the problems.

With them taking care of our IT needs, we are able to focus better in taking care of our patients.”

A. G., MD, Internal Medicine
The Nexsys team has been absolutely fantastic to us. They have supported our practice for the last 6 years from the implementation process of our EMR to the day to day issues that have come up over time. Their assistance and understanding e-MD’s has been essential both in optimizing the use of the system and accomplishing the meaningful use core measures. We all feel very lucky to have the Nexsys team taking care of our network!”
M.V., M.D., Pediatrics
I am a family practice physician who has been using e-MDs for the past 8 years. I have used Nexsys for technical support throughout that time. Their staff has maintained my server, network, upgrades, installations, back-ups, and any technical issues that have come up over this time. Help has always been a phone call or e-mail away. I have never felt abandoned or felt that I needed to look elsewhere for support.
D. J., MD, Family Practice
I have the opportunity to work with Nexsys since I opened my solo medical practice in WA in early 2004. Nexsys was always professional and available for assistance. They are most reliable and dependable: they consistently gone beyond their expected duty when needed, and ensured that our business was always functional and available to our patients. This is most important since without EMR patient care comes to a stop.
M. T., MD, Internal Medicine
Our business would not run efficiently without the assistance we receive from Nexsys Networks. We rely on our computer systems to run our day to day operations. When we are down we need tech support right away. That is what Nexsys and their staff provide us. Most importantly they do it with such patience. The customer service and knowledge base that Nexsys provide has and continues to be of the highest quality.
Roni. T. Office Manager, Orthopedics
We are pleased to have found Nexsys, as they are a crucial part of our daily operations. They are knowledgeable, professional, and always available to assist us with any of our needs. Thanks guys, you are the best!
Darby A - Office Manager, Cardiology
I purchased the an EHR software in February 2001. Since then, Nexsys has provided our office with excellent IT support. They helped us with everything, from choosing the correct hardware, to installing the software, and to keep our system up to date.
Jeff, Julius, and Rey, it was so good to have all 3 of you in our space in Nashville and Clarksville. Each of you is remarkably talented and we are glad to be working together.
D. H., MD, Functional Medicine
Dear Nexsys Management:
I am writing this letter as a testimonial to the excellent service provided by the Nexsys staff. I have received reimbursement from health plans much sooner than my previous billing service. Thank You!!!
P. B., M.D., Endocrinologist
They provide excellent billing service. My staff works well with billing personnel at Nexsys. At times, I feel they are part of the staff at this office. Compared to other offices, we have not had any major billing problems. I do highly recommend them.
O. V. M.D., Family Practice